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| BUAD 304: Leading Organizations|
| Syllabus for Spring 2012 (B)|
| |
| |
| |
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Course Instructors
Lecture Sections 14720, 14723, 14726,Lecture Sections 14744, 14747,
14729, 14732, 1473814750, 14753
Professor Nathanael FastProfessor Alexandra Michel
Department of MORDepartment of MOR
Office: Hoffman Hall 404Office: Hoffman Hall 619
Phone: 213-740-1047Phone: 213-740-3360
E-mail: [email protected]E-mail: [email protected]
Office Hours: By appointmentOffice Hours: By appointment

Lecture Sections 14735, 14741, 14756,Lecture Sections 14764
14758, 14760, 14762Professor Michael Coombs
Professor Cheryl Wakslak Department of MOR
Department of MOROffice: Bridge Hall 303
Office: Bridge 307BPhone: 213-740-9290
Phone: 213-740-0779E-mail: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]Office Hours: By appointment
Office Hours: By appointment

Discussion Instructors
Professor Christopher BresnahanProfessor Jody Tolan
Office: BRI 303GOffice: BRI 303H
Phone: 213-740-0175Phone: 213-740-4681
Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]
Office hours: TBDOffice Hours: Wednesdays, 3-5 pm

Course Objectives

* Understanding what leadership is all about and what is involved in becoming a successful leader in today’s business organizations. * Appreciating leadership skills as an essential complement to the technical skills you are learning in other courses. * Learning concepts and approaches that will enable you to lead the analysis of organizational problems and the development of appropriate solutions. * Developing the behavioral skills you need to be a successful manager of yourself and others.

Course Format

This course includes three required elements: (1) weekly online sessions; (2) weekly discussion sessions; and (3) bi-weekly lecture sessions that you will attend six times during the semester.

The online sessions will explain key conceptual frameworks found in the reading assignments. They will also use short stories and videos to illustrate how corporate leaders are implementing the concepts you are learning. It is expected that you will do the required reading and view the online sessions prior to attending discussion or lecture in order to be prepared for class.

The discussion sessions will focus on issues related to actual leadership situations and experiential exercises to learn leadership skills. They will integrate skill development with the concepts covered in the reading assignments and online sessions. It is expected that you will come to your discussion section meeting prepared to discuss the assigned material and participate in the learning exercises.

The lecture sessions will address the course material in a highly interactive format including short case studies, self-assessment measures, and question-and-answer periods. It is expected that you will come to your discussion sessions prepared to discuss the assigned material and to participate in the learning activities.

Changing Discussion Sections

Registration is managed online through the My USC portal.  If you are registered for BUAD 304 but interested in another discussion section, monitor registration online for availability and drop/add online.  Remember that each discussion section is attached to a lecture section.  Before changing your discussion section, confirm that both the lecture &...
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