Bus832 Unit Outline 2013

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Unit Code: BUS832 Unit Name: Leadership and Management First Semester, 2013

Department of Marketing and Management

BUS832 Unit Guide – Semester 1, 2013

Version 6/2/13


Year and Semester: Unit convenor: Prerequisites:

Semester 1, 2013 Associate Professor Peter McGraw Bus 651 or equivalent. Students at Master’s level are assumed to have a sound knowledge and understanding of organisational behaviour principles. Four

Credit points:

Students in this unit should read this unit guide carefully at the start of semester. It contains important information about the unit. If anything in it is unclear, please consult Professor McGraw.

ABOUT THIS UNIT  Unit description

To effectively lead and manage contemporary business organisations is very challenging. Today's workforce continues to diversify, and the tasks to be accomplished have become more complex. A good leader knows how to motivate people, get the best out of them, and give them a sense of pride in what they can achieve. Hence, to succeed in today’s business environment, it is imperative for the firm and its leaders and managers to have a sound understanding of the fundamentals of leadership within contemporary business and organisations. The objective of this course is to provide an overview of and critically evaluate a series of alternative perspectives of leadership, including contemporary collaborative models. After a careful evaluation of these perspectives and personal reflection, students can then develop a personal model of leadership built around their own values, personality preferences and skill base which they can adapt to any workplace. The unit uses a range of assessment criteria including understanding of leadership concepts, analysis of case studies, practice via simulations, informal presentations and group activities. An understanding of key leadership criteria in management will enable students to be capable of professional and personal judgement and initiative. This unit is worth 4 credit points.

Unit rationale 2

BUS832 Unit Guide – Semester 1, 2013

Version 6/2/13

This Unit complements the existing subject balance within the Masters of Commerce and International Business program and provides students with an understanding of the fundamentals of leadership within contemporary business and organisations. TEACHING STAFF  Convenor and Lecturer: A/Prof Peter McGraw. [email protected], 9850 9034


This unit uses research from external sources. This unit gives you practice in applying research findings in your assignments. CONSULTATION TIMES

One hour before and two hours after each class in my office (Rm 644, Bldg. E4A). At other times only by appointment and pre-arranged via email. Students experiencing significant difficulties with any topic in the unit should seek assistance immediately.

CLASSES  Number and length of classes: 3 hours face-to-face teaching per week, consisting of 1 x 3 hour lecture combined with group case study presentation and class discussions. The timetable for classes can be found on the University web site at: http://www.timetables.mq.edu.au/ Please note that while there is no mark for attendance, students are expected to attend all weekly classes, unless excused. Given the nature of this course, attendance should be considered mandatory. Attendance will be taken in the weekly classes. Medical certificates must be provided if you are not able to attend a class. Warning: Failure to attend weekly classes may adversely affect your learning outcomes and performance in this Unit. Students are expected to arrive on time, and not to leave until the class ends. Students must be quiet during classes, unless of course when class participation is required. Mobile phone must be turned OFF.

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