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The case study teaching method is appropriate for undergraduate, graduate, continuing legal training, executive education, and professional development courses, workshops, and seminars. Case studies are typically accompanied by teaching manuals or notes, which outline the basic premise of the case study, how it can be used within a course, learning objectives, assignment questions, a typical class discussion flow, and key takeaways. Teaching notes will often provide board plans, informational slides, exercises, and updates or epilogues to the case study. Faculty authors may also provide supplemental materials, such as “what happened next” cases, role play instructions and exercises, videos, or suggested readings.

A case study discussion typically requires at least one class session to fully implement. Some multi-part cases or multi-player role plays will require more time.This form can be used to organize your thoughts about a case. As you perform your analysis remain open to the fact that your interpretation of the facts may change and therefore you should constantly revisit your answers.

Define the Problem: Describe the type of case and what problem(s) or issue(s) should be the focus for your analysis.

List any outside concepts that can be applied: Write down any principles, frameworks or theories that can be applied to this case.

List relevant qualitative data: evidence related to or based on the quality or character of something.

List relevant quantitative data: evidence related to or based on the amount or number of something.

Describe the results of your analysis: What evidence have you accumulated that supports one interpretation over another.

Describe alternative actions: List and prioritize possible recommendations or actions that come out of your analysis.

Describe your preferred action plan: Write a clear statement of what you would recommend including short, medium and long-term steps to be carried out.
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