Conflict Management

Topics: Negotiation, Management, Conflict Pages: 5 (1127 words) Published: September 30, 2014

Faculty of Business Administration
Department of Management
BBA Program

Term: Fall 2014-2015

Course Code and Title : MGT 4016: Conflict Management Credit : 3 credit hours
: Nusrat Huq
Office Location
: Campus 1, 5th Floor
: [email protected], [email protected]
: BBA 3114 : Human Resource Management

Course Description : Research has found that workers who experience conflict in their workplace are up to 70% less productive in their jobs. Witnesses to conflict are also up to 40% less productive than if the workplace was stress-free.  This course equips students with an understanding of themselves and how their behaviour influences conflict situations. It also looks at coping mechanisms for dealing with criticism, difficult people and attitudes in the workplace and prevention techniques to address potential conflicts before they occur. The course emphasises the importance of communication and looks at different conflict management styles and strategies. It also helps delegates deal with anger and helps them overcome the fear of confrontation.   Course Objectives: At the end of the course, the students will be able to: a. To recognise how your own attitude and actions impact on others b. To develop coping strategies for managing criticism, difficult people and attitudes. c. To identify prevention techniques to address potential conflict before it occurs d. To recognise the importance of good communication in preventing and resolving conflict e. To develop conflict management strategies and understand your preferred conflict management style f. To deal with anger in the workplace

g. To overcome your fear of confrontation and conflict
Topics to be Covered

Specific objective(s)
Time frame
Suggested activities
Teaching Strategy(s)
Introduction with the students, discussion of the course outline, explanation of case study method. (Analysis) Week 1
Engaging students in discussion
Power point presentation
Chap 1
Defining Negotiations and its Components
Introduction; Human interaction; personal nature of negotiation; conscious and unconscious determinants of negotiation performance; how do develop effective personal negotiating power. Case study 1; Quiz 1

Week 2
Engaging students in discussion
Power point presentation and white board

Chap 2
Knowing your personality; defining personality; learning theory and assessing yourself. Case study 2; Quiz 2
Week 3
Engaging students in discussion
Power point presentation, white board
Chap 3
What is conflict?; personal approach to negotiation and conflict; exercise in attitude; sociological schools of thought on conflict; constructive and destructive conflict; conflict diagnosis example. Case study 3,4; Quiz 3

Week 4,5
Engaging students in discussion
Power point presentation and white board

Chap 4
Negotiation Style
Four Major Negotiation Styles; distribution versus integration; analyzing assessment results; choosing the appropriate styles; learning creativity. Quiz 4, Case 5
Week 6
Engaging students in discussion
Power point presentation and white board
Review for Mid Terms

Week 7

Chap 5
Key Negotiating Temperaments
Categorizing personalities; four main alternative preferences; perceiving others; 4 key negotiating temperaments. Case study 6; Quiz 1
Week 9
Engaging students in discussion
Power point presentation and white board
Chap 6
Communicating in Negotiation
The communication process; rules for effective listening and speaking in negotiation; filtering; examples of filtering skill building; when conflict arises in negotiation; watching; body language; reflection and practice. Case study 7; Quiz 2

Week 10

Engaging students in...

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