Empowerment and Motivation

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Empowerment and Motivation
After the severe impacts of the Great Recession, the high unemployment rate, decreasing productivity and low morale have haunted with the public and private sectors. Therefore, a great number of organizations are starting to focus on the structure of horizontal organization and smart employees who are responsible. This is partly due to the fact that the flatter organization, together with responsive employees, goes a long way to enhance organizational health and effectiveness, which, in a sense, could gain an overwhelming edge over competitors in the dynamic economy. To ensure these objectives could be achieved, a plenty numbers of management approaches have been carried out in organizations in the past decade on the expectation of management could effectively boost the productivity and generate innovation (Boudrias et al., 2009).Such as: employee empowerment, autonomous group working and so forth. However, it is debatable whether organizational health and effectiveness should put a premium on employee empowerment and autonomous group working which are generated from the horizontal structure and responsive staff. Thus, the term ‘empowerment’ has entered the public and private sectors. With the supportive preference in mind this essay is going to analyze the reasons why senior managers should consider employee empowerment and autonomous group working as crucial approaches to achieve organizational health and effectiveness as well as the problems may occur when implemented. The paper is structured as follow: firstly, a brief introduction will be given which is about the relationship between organizational effectiveness and empowerment. Secondly, to discuss about the advantages of employees empowerment and autonomous group in workplace which could help to achieve objectives theoretically, then analyze the arising possible problems when apply employee empowerment or autonomous group working followed by suggestions. Finally a conclusion will be drawn.

To cope with organizational health and effectiveness, the key concept is to cherish our employees. Tom Peters (1998) claims that the most important asset we have is the imagination of our workforce. Employee empowerment and autonomous work group therefore have become crucial methods as to achieve these objects which results from the flatter organization and responsive workers. While, employee empowerment and autonomous work group are closely linked to the term ‘empowerment’, owing to the fact that their concepts share the same core value that individuals are granted autonomy or independence over their work and their decision-making eventually produce the most favorable outcomes on those tasks (Block, 1987). Empowerment stems from the Quality of Working Life and its central idea is that employees or groups could reach higher levels of job performance in terms of efficiency, flexibility, responsiveness, productivity, quality and satisfaction (Jeff S. Margulies, 1995). .

In business management, Laurie J. Mullins (2006) believed that organizational success is dependent on those members who being motivated to utilize their full innovation and capabilities, and directed to perform well in the right fields. Trompenaars F. (1999) also suggests that empowerment programs will lead to motivated employees, valued customer service and continuous profits. Thus, employee empowerment and autonomous work group are believed by some to be part of a strategy to motivate the employees and accelerate productivity during the aftermath of the Great Recession. This is because employees would feel motivated and being respected so that they would enhance job performance through the process of empowerment, which, to some degrees, rendered the organizations more stable and effective. In addition, compared with Scientific Management which exerts much pressure on the well-being of generations of workers not only physically but mentally, empowerment is more humanistic and...
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