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ENG 3UE Exam Review
Canadian Literature
Three Eras
1. Pre-Confederation (1867)
2. Post-Confederation
3. Post-WWII
Writing as a tool for subduing wilderness
Writing as a tool for emotional adjustment
Writing to secure political organization
Fur trade, colonization, war of 1812
Building the CPR
New dominion
Cultural matters
Greater inclusion of new Canadian and immigrant writers
Rohinton Mistry
Michael Ondaatje
Joy Kogawa
Rise of female writers
M. Lawrence
Margaret Atwood
Alice Munro
Major Themes of Canadian Literature
Search for identity
French vs. English
In Canada—1930s-70s—symbol is survival
Types of Survival
Bare survival: against hostile elements of nature
Grim survival: against a crisis, disaster, hurricane, or wreck Cultural survival; particularly French vs. English
Spiritual survival: against external or internal obstacles
The U.S. Symbol: The Frontier
Both a flexible idea and a place where old order is discarded Protestant Puritans in favour of American Revolution
A line that expands and conquers virgin territory, such as The West or outer space or the rest of the world A hope—never fulfilled but always promised—of utopia
American literature is about the perfect human society but much is about the gap between the promise and reality Promise: The American Dream
Reality: Squalid Materialism
The Handmaid’S Tale
The power of communication
The dangers of extremism
The psychological impact of isolation
The impossibility of utopia
The capacity of savagery within oneself
The impact of non-conformism
The destruction of self in dystopian isolation
A dysfunctional society is one that lacks communication
Extremes are always detrimental to society
Without social interaction, humans will suffer and have difficulty with survival To achieve a utopian society is impossible—there will always be sacrifice Once social rules are stripped away, mankind will reveal their immoral nature To stay sane, one should maintain healthy relationships with members of society The Great Gatsby

Symbolism in the Great Gatsby

Meaning in the Novel
Social Criticism of the 1920’s
The eyes of Dr. T. J. Eckleburg
Represents God (stated by Wilson)
Colour blue -> depth of the sea
Wealthy watch over poor
Satire against idea that materialism is gone
Wealthy know what’s happening (watching) but do not do anything The green light
Represents Daisy
Green Knight -> the holy grail
Symbol to Gatsby and his dream
Colour of money, represents materialistic desire
The Valley of Ashes
Clash between rich and poor
Represents death, where Myrtle got hit by the car
Contrasts the different areas of New York, shows where the poor people are Huge gap between rich and poor
Poor live in terrible conditions while rich live freely in the glittering East Egg The “American Dream”
Provides a motivation for people
Creates a small version of utopia for one’s self, the platonic dream Dream that becomes a nightmare
People took it too far, did everything they could to get power Gatsby’s parties
Parties are used to lure Daisy
Opportunity for people to take advantage of Gatsby’s hospitality Meaning indulgence
Only cared about materialistic things
Most people cannot live like this; in the end, this took them to the crash of 1929 Crash of 1929 could be symbolic of Gatsby’s death; shows what happens when overdoing things Alcohol
Living in the moment
Money -> business: bootlegging
False nature of society
People were too caught up in alcohol
Overconsumption, even while there was the Prohibition
Overconsumption allows you to ignore your reality, and make a distorted reality Automobiles
Luxury and power
Wilson worked at the garage, he served cars but never really owned one A vehicle of change, a symbol of power shifts
Changed a way of life, promoting consumerism and...
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