Farewell to Arms

Topics: Ernest Hemingway, War, A Farewell to Arms Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: February 18, 2013
I look out my room window and see the rising sun. The brilliant red globe sheds its light on the earth, and illuminates the myriad of fresh green leaves that have emerged in the wake of spring. I open my window, through which a light breeze, the same wind that is ruffling the very leaves, enter. The scene is perhaps an epitome of peace. It is quite surprising to think that this is the same place that is under a threat of an ever-potential war. Just a few weeks ago our northern neighbor initiated an attempt to launch a rocket into the air - an attempt that, despite its drastic failure, nonetheless created an atmosphere of great tension.

Nowadays there seem to be people in this country, too, who advocate war with our northern counterpart, and one of the most significant reasons for this advocacy is animosity towards it. But Korea is a country that has undergone a modern warfare, and faced the full tragedies of its consequences. Our homeland was rampaged into ruin, which was only overcome by the efforts and labor of the Korean people from dawn to night. Families were separated, people who still live in grief. People have died.

The lesson about the tragedies of war can be found in numerous other sources as well, such as films and literature. One of the most prominent literary works dealing with the pain of war is Ernest Hemingway's "Farewell to Arms." This novel depicts the physical and mental breakdowns and pains of people involved in wars. The main character of the novel, Lieutenant Frederic Henry, is a soldier - an ambulance driver in the Italian army during World War I. As a soldier who is entrusted with the transportation of the wounded from the war front, Henry is constantly at the threat of injury or death, and in fact, gets his leg wounded during the battle. This is a representative of the physical pains one has to endure through war. In the emotional sense, after he returns to the war after recuperation, he encounters a bombardment, in which he and other...
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