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Topics: Nuclear weapon, Cold War, Nuclear proliferation Pages: 23 (6349 words) Published: May 3, 2013
What is strategic studies?
- Multi-disciplinary academic fields that involved military thinking, warfare, theories, policy & defence planning that deals with the relationship between politics and military power including preparations, the threats & use of force and its latent presence in international politic. - It also a commitment to multi-disciplinary approach to achieve political end through the application of military and diplomatic means. Strategic Studies and the Classical Realist Tradition

- Human nature
- Anarchy and power
- International law, morality and institutions.

Approaches Of Strategies Study
1. Military theories as whole:
- Nature & effect of war
- Conditions of peace
- Conflict & characteristic of war
- Armament, history & dynamic of power rivalry
- Arms control, crisis management & decision making process. 2. Military Specific Affairs (social politic dimension):
- This approach focuses discipline as follows:
- Focus heavily on strategic doctrine
- Conventional & nuclear war
- Use of force (why country fight)
3. Contemporary approach:
- More current approach
- Deal with military science
- Involve national interest
- involve military policy
4. Broader approach:
- Involve strategic thinking
- Apply concept of strategic
- Deal with art & science of applying
- Use of military to attain politic goals
“ Heavy Military Approach” – involve the use of force. “Military affairs” – involve broader strategic

4 Level of Strategic
a) Tactical:
- Short term, easily identifiable objective
- This level primarily concern about implementation
- This level takes objectives within a battle
b) Operation:
- In-theatre manoeuvre & attainment of limited objective plan - This level involves management
- this level plan battle
c) Strategic:
- High level military planning
- Involve logistic
- Plan campaign
d) Grand Strategy:
- Political direction
- Goal to be achieved by military operation

“Power is central of strategic approach”

- “mans present means to any future apparent good-Thomas Hobbes - The probability that one actor in a social relationship will…carryout his own will-Max Weber - The production of intended effects-Bertrand Russell.

- There are scholar sees power as a generalized capacity to seek group goals and they stressed the extend to which these goals can be consensual and achieved by an accepted authority. - There are many problem with the analysis of power in terms of power over. - Pluralist theorist such Dahl sought to measure power by looking at the processes of decision making and tended to discover the no one group had a monopoly power in terms of being able to get their way. - This was vulnerable to the sort of critique developed by the more radical theorist such as Bacharach and Baratz, who pointed to the importance of successful non decision that is the ability to get set of interest enshrined in the unspoken and unchallenged consensuses as a critical indicator of power.

What is Deterrence
Deterrence is a policy adopted by international actors to prevent their opponents from taking certain action by using threats of their opponents from taking certain actions by using threats of severe punishments if the warning is disobeyed.

What is deterrence use for
- Protecting the security of one’s state
- Managing the security dilemma
- Expanding the national interest and national power-establishing hegemony - Promoting greater security, preventing war, promoting greater peace - The focus on strategic thinking must be the ability of a state to sustain itself. - Much writing on strategy and international politics distinguishes the problem of the state in its external relations from the requirements of internal order. This is a falsie dichotomy. - A state with problems in internal order is more vulnerable to external pressure - Often problem of internal order at most require local police action. - The complex-city of social...
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