Kenworth Motors

Topics: The Retreat, Case study, The Conversation Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Case Study One

Based on the information given in the case the OD consultant did not prepare for the meeting as he should have. He had no in depth knowledge of Kenworth Motors, its operations and even less of Mr. Robert Denton (the plant manager). In addition of having no knowledge of this potential new customer, the consultant relied on his experience and recommendation of an existing client who interacted with Mr. Denton in a non-professional environment. During their brief telephone conversation, Denton identify himself as being the manager of Kenworth Motors, and how he was interested in having a meeting with the OD Consultant. In the case it is noted that the consultant didn't give the conversation much attention, because the consultant could not recall what was the statement that allow the gentlemen to set a date for the meeting.

The OD consultant should have been more prepared and informed on the history of Kenworth Motors. Research and investigation could have been done that would maybe enlighten the consultant of its current situation, and where the company would like to be. The information acquired would have assisted the consultant in identifying and problems or situations that the company may have.

The OD consultant was able to encourage Mr. Denton to speak of Kenworth Motors, his plant, and of production. Mr. Denton enthusiastically spoke of the company's operations, production, equipment and as well as Denton's relocation and background, among other topics as well. This conversation was effective for the consultant in order to obtain the information, that wasn't previously researched. Although, the conversation did permit the OD consultant to get a insight of how were operations, what it did not provide was a clear form to identify what was the problem or situation that the company needed to address. Both gentlemen got along quite well, which enabled the conversation to progress attentively.

Mr. Denton had mentioned to the...
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