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M a r k e t i n g - C o mm u n i c at i o n

Case studies with solutions

Claire Garcia
Jean-Louis Martinez

© Dunod, Paris, 2013
ISBN 978-2-10-058833-6

The case studies presented in this book have been written by students reading the “Marketing et Stratégies Commerciales”  Masterdegree at the ESG Management School (2012), closely supervised by their professors. The amount of data provided has been considerably useful

in the drafting of this book. We are grateful to these students.

Table of Contents

Case 1 – MPO Fenêtres

How to succeed in the PVC window market?


Case 2 – Renault


Case 3 – Sequovia


Case 4 – Lacoste


How to launch a crossover in the European market?
How to become a facilitator of sustainable development?
How to organize a sponsorship operation to take over the Moroccan golf Open?

Case 5 – PhilaPoste


Case 6 – La Grande Récré


Case 7 – Samsung


Case 8 – Siemens


How can we attract the general public to philately?
How to remain in the top 5 of the toys industry?
How best to launch its first Netbook?
Which strategy to implement in launching the Xpress offer to SMEs?

Table of Contents 

Case 9 – Under Armour


Case 10 – SNCF


Biblio­­ phy




How to launch the brand in France?
How to optimize the Real Estate activity of the SNCF?




very day, business life involves making decisions based on evidence, which in turn allow the company (and all its employees) to move forward and make further decisions. This approach, known as a process chain, has implications for the long-term survival of a business. Such facts are compiled in a “company diagnosis”. The concept of “diagnosis” can be explained simply: it is the production of knowledge based on observation of the actual and available facts. The available data is systematically analyzed in order to produce a coherent business strategy and to determine the means to implement this strategy at the practical and operational level. Such diagnoses are based on relevant factors: political, economic, socio-cultural, etc. However, they are necessarily conducted at a specific point in time and can therefore rapidly become outdated if the industry is dynamic. Further, these diagnoses usually rely on a set of facts (which are more or less accurate), opinions (more or less valid), and a certain bias of analysis (even if everything possible is done to limit this). Making a decision based on such a diagnosis alone may have important and unintended consequences for the future of a company. A company diagnosis is a necessary component of any business strategy. Nevertheless its importance must be put into perspective. On one hand, economic systems are dynamic and situations can change rapidly, so the actors of these systems must continually adapt themselves to the new conditions and adjust their behaviour, needs and expectations accordingly. On the other hand, a manager cannot be sure that the chosen solution will be the best one, nor that the decision will be good.


Strategy is, by definition, a dynamic domain. A situation can be approached from multiple perspectives, and there is not always one sole solution to an issue faced by a company: numerous solutions may be possible, each having its own strengths, weaknesses, and efficiency. Thus, the diagnosis is just one element (among others) guiding the formation of a business strategy. This strategy aims to identify actions that, when implemented, will facilitate the resolution of actual problems. Finally, the decision-making process is the result of a discipline of mind, based on specific thinking processes and mechanisms.

It is in this context that the case study method becomes relevant. Thismethod allows the reader, first, to train him or herself to analyse situations and...
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