Unit 4 assesment

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Unit 4: Service improvement in the health sector
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Please note that this Assessment has 5 pages and is made up of 3 Sections. Name:
Section 1: Know how to carry out the evaluation of services
1. In a few sentences, describe the importance of evaluating service provision. Use your current health sector organisation (or one that you know well) as an example.

Evaluating service provision is extremely important. Regular evaluation allows let the company improve provided service. Also facilitates to find mistakes and allows to react on them in the quickest possible way. For example if evaluating service provision reveals that there are some shortcomings from the cleaning staff like dirty rooms or corridors the management easily can resolve that problem by meeting with the staff and explain how important for resident relatives and company it is to make home clean and friendly. This also applies to the other aspects of our service.

2. Read the following case study. How might you evaluate this service? What questions would you ask and who would you direct the questions to? Case study 1
A care home has a large sitting room with many loose cables from TVs, radios and hi-fis. The carpet is becoming frayed, leaving service users open to slips, trips and falls. The residents often spill their beverages and often the spillages do not get cleaned up straight away. The care home is very busy during the afternoon, and the sitting room can at times seem a little cramped. Some of the residents’ visitors have made comments to the staff but as yet nothing has been done. Some of the staff have identified the issues and have left feedback in a suggestions for improvement box in the staff room. But what else could be done? Evaluation tasks to be carried out

What questions would you ask when evaluating this service?
Who would you direct your questions to?
Loose cables from TVs radios and hi fi.

Carpet in the sitting room

Is keeping all this cables loose is safe for resident? On what risk they are exposed? Is there any way to put in orde/cover those cables to make them more safer to residents?

How dangerous is condition of the carpet to residents? Is there any chance to fix the carpet? Maybe better to change it for wooden floor? How many positive aspect of changing carpet for wooden floor we will have? Is it safer to residents? Is it more comfortable? Is it easier to keep clean? For sure to management at first but also to maintenance person to give professional answer0

Management, cleaning staff, residents.

Section 2: Know how to pass on constructive ideas for improving service provision 1. Read the following short case studies then fill in the tables provided. Which factors affect the service? Which factors could improve the provision of the service? Case study 1

Cassie is a social worker who has a lot of service users on her books. She visits an older lady who is having trouble coping at home alone and who feels as though sheltered accommodation would be the best option. Cassie is responsible for arranging the move to sheltered accommodation but is finding it a struggle because she feels she cannot give her client, Mrs McKenzie, the full attention she deserves. Cassie feels swamped and can’t get in touch with her manager or the sheltered housing officer to find out how many spaces there are. She tells Mrs McKenzie that there are no spaces....
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