100% Nz Case Study

Topics: Tourism, Marketing, New Zealand Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: October 12, 2012
100% Pure NZ – Case Study Analysis
The parties undertaking market research and management for any particular case must first decide on the decision problem for the study. The decision problem refers simply to the statement of circumstances which require analysis and a specific course of action or series of actions to rectify a problem, improve upon a situation, or even retain the status quo. There are certain aspects which must be ascertained before undertaking a research project. These are guidelines to understand the scope and nature of the decision problem and management aims/goals, identify quantifiable variables, and identify the unit of analysis for the decision problem under scrutiny. For the case study in question, the decision problem arises in the form of declining tourism in New Zealand prior to 1999. New Zealand is roughly the size of Colorado, and Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) wanted to make people learn of and care about the “dot in the Pacific”1. In my opinion, the decision problem can be stated as; * “How can New Zealand be branded and marketed internationally as a tourist destination in a better way?” One of the research questions which can be derived from this decision problem is therefore; A) “What qualities do potential tourists look for when searching for a destination?” It is important to identify and measure the qualities that make for a “good” destination for tourists. These qualities could be tangible, such as overall financial cost of a trip, or intangible, such as a scenic country. Another question then arises; B) “What is the psychographic profile of tourists that choose New Zealand as a destination?” It is necessary to understand the type of tourists that visit New Zealand in order to tailor a marketing campaign for the proper target audience for the maximum ROI. These insights can allow marketers to increase tourism in New Zealand by speaking directly to those potential travelers who would be more receptive. The research...
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