208 Task C Case Studies

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Assignment 208 – Task C – Case studies

case study one


Winston is a social care worker supporting young people with learning disabilities in the community. One evening, he visits an individual to find that a pipe has burst in their roof, water is running down the light fitting and onto the bathroom floor.

The definition of Hazard means something that could cause harm, and Risk means the likelihood of a hazard causing harm. Winston has called in on a person he supports and has found that water is running down the light fitting onto the bathroom floor so he instantly recognises that the hazard is the water running down the light fitting onto the floor and that his client is of risk as he is likely to either slip or have an electric shock. First he would would make sure his client is in a safe place and would maybe turn off electric and water. Next Winston would need to report the the risk straight away to his manager or supervisor Winston or his supervisor would need to call the water company to turn the water off and fix the pipe. In the mean time the bathroom should be out of use due to health and safety. In conclusion Winston would need to assess the situation either himself, if he had the authority, or with his supervisor as whether the place was liveable for his client whilst the bathroom was being fixed and would take the necessary steps to provide the right provision for this client.

Case study two

Ellie is 42 and has Down's syndrome. She lives at home with her mum and dad. Ellie attends a group three times a week where she meets her friends. There is a bus that goes directly to the community centre and Ellie really wants to go on the bus, on her own. Her mum insists on taking and collecting her in the car and Ellie is now refusing to go. This situation is making them all very unhappy.

The purpose of a risk assessment is to protect service users or staff and to ensure that risks are reduced. In this...
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