3 Day Diet Analysis

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3-Day Diet Analysis

Jane McUlley
SCI 241
Jeff Mundt
According to the food chart analysis; after inputting my daily diet for 3 days, I am consuming lesser calories than I burn everyday but the amount of protein and sodium I consume is much higher than the required amount. According to the food tracker, I need to consume 2300mg or less sodium per day. But my amount was way over for every day which needs to be reduced gradually and greatly. I am consuming a healthy amount of grains every day. The amount of protein is at 122% for some days that needs to be reduced. I am not consuming enough dairy products and no fruits at all. These are some of the few things that need to be changed.  

My first day’s diet started out with 12 glasses of water and one large meat and vegetable pizza (8 slices) which was almost 2000 calories. The second day I had more than the desired amount of empty calories and the amount of saturated fat was over by 2g (Desired amount 33g). I am supposed to eat 459 empty calories per day and the total amount for day 2 was 762. My vegetable consuming was low for all three days and it needs to be increased. The total calorie for day 2 was 2519. For day 3 I had consumed a healthy amount of grain and protein. The amount of empty calories was right around the proper margin. The total amount of calories I consumed was 2085. I had a decent amount of vegetable this day but not quite enough. My dairy and protein amounts were about right for the day. Only thing that is very noticeable is my consumption of fruits is zero. I really need to get into the habit of eating fruits. The way I plan to adjust my diet to get the suggested portions for each food  group is to raise my fruit and vegetable servings by having fresh fruit and steamed vegetables for snacks. I need to eat small amounts more often instead of having one large meal. I will increase my dairy servings by having cereal with milk for breakfast and a small serving of fresh...
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