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333 – 3.3 4.2 (Case Study)
Complete the table and case studies to evaluate ways in which concerns of poor practice can be reported. Scenario
What to do?
You have reported concerns of neglect of a child to a teacher but she appears to dismiss your concerns. Let welfare officer know – also mention to the teacher again and say it seems it’s been dismissed and you have informed the welfare officer. Something serious could be underlying and can’t afford to be dismissed when it comes to children’s safety and welfare, it is very unprofessional as it is our role to keep children protected and safe. A colleague discloses her concerns of abuse of a child in a different class to yourself and confides to you about it but doesn’t want to report it further. Tell the colleague they need to speak to the safeguarding lead and if they don’t report it I will then have to report it to them. This concern cannot be ignored and could be another concern for the same child. It would need to be dealt with and it is our responsibility to keep children safe and away from potential risks. You witnessed another member of staff emotionally torment a child when you were present in the same room then laugh to you about it after the child had left. I would share my concern at a convenient time and state that I didn’t agree with this. This wouldn’t help a child’s self-esteem and is emotional bullying and could lead to serious consequences. It would then make them realise this is poor practise and wouldn’t do it again. A child discloses to you that another member of staff has physically hurt her but the child asked you not to say anything to anyone as they do not want to get into trouble. I would tell them I couldn’t promise not to say anything but would reassure them it’s not their fault. I would then speak to the safeguard lead and record this down for them. Children can say things and can be misinterpreted, however I would report this as it is my responsibility to keep children from...
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