74078838 Architectural Thesis Manual

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Architecture Thesis Manual


“If I had to teach architecture....I would strive to inculcate in my pupils a keen sense of control--unbiased judgment and of the “how” and the “why.” I would encourage them to cultivate this sense till their dying day. But I would want them to base it on an objective series of facts. Facts are fluid and changeable especially nowadays, so I would teach them to distrust formulas and impress on them that everything is relative.” --Le Corbusier

Your THESIS is the one project that should integrate all your learning in your 4-year (or so...) stay in BS Architecture. It is suppose to justify your right to graduate. So, you will have to dig into all the knowledge that you have acquired (architectural and otherwise) to come up with a project that is not only feasible, but is also believable and distinctive.

It begins with a problem, and ends at finding a solution to that problem. This is not an easy task. With a series of research works and evaluations (and reevaluations... and probably more research work), you need to come up with enough proof that your solution is right. But that’s getting ahead of the job...

Right now, you are faced with one big problem. That is, HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH THE PROBLEM?
But before we get into that, you have to choose a certain topic first. This will help you narrow down the number, the extent and the magnitude of the problem you want (?) to solve.
1. Formulation or development of a project that does no exist yet 2. Generation of useful technical data or technical properties of new material or process
3. Improvement of existing knowledge
4. New application of an existing knowledge
5. Comparative study of two or more entities or development of an improved version of an existing one
6. Physical development of a research work
7. Documentation


The research topic must be one which YOU selected.
It must be within your interest.
It must be within your specialization.
It must be based on your competence to tackle the necessary work. It must be within your financial capability.


Architecture Thesis Manual



It should have definable limits to suit your available resources. It must be researchable and manageable.
It must be completed within a reasonable span of time.
Its solution must require original, critical and reflective thinking. It must be significant, important and relevant to the present time and situation. It must contribute to the national development goals for the improvement of quality of life.

It must contribute to the Institute’s “body of knowledge.” It must not undermine nor compromise the moral and spiritual values of the people.
It must advocate changes in the present order of things.
It must offer some kind of return for your efforts.
It must not involve any hazards such as physical, social or legal.

These criteria, by the way, are not the only bases for your selection. You may have some criteria of your own that will help you decide.

When you have already set your mind on a certain topic or problem, the next step is to find out its physical application. Your thesis, after all, does not just involve research. Most of the time, the topic or problem chosen must be translated into a structure or a set of guidelines. Here are some questions to help you determine what kind of project you may carry out to interpret your research.

1. What are your interests? Do you know of any organizations or groups that support your interest? They may have possible projects.
2. Do you know of any possible proposal by a government agency and unit which you can further develop?
3. Are you aware of any new concept, technology or project which may be tested for feasibility in local application?
4. Again, you may have other...
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