ACCG315 Case Study

Topics: Logic, Question, Scientific method Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: May 25, 2015
Case Study
Weight: 30%
Due date: Week 10 (must be submitted by May 15 2015, 11:59pm) Submission: via iLearn.
Estimated student workload: 15 hours in total
Task Overview:  From the case, students will answer the questions uploaded on the Unit’s iLearn. Marking criteria:
1. Comprehensiveness of case analysis
2. Support of case analysis with evidence
3. Overall clarity
Refer Case Study Marking Rubric.
Deliverables: 1 x case analysis report (Approximately 3000 words excluding references).

Additional requirements:
Formatting: Standard 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing, side margins 2.5cm wide. Referencing: All sources (ie the work and ideas of others) cited and referenced using a standard referencing system.

Preparation: In order to complete this task and understand its requirements you may attend week 8 open consultation on case study, either via email or face-to-face meetings with the UC. Take careful notes of the discussion and analysis of the case conducted by the Unit Convener. Your Case Report MUST include the following FIVE sections:

Section 1: Abstract – this opening section briefly describes the case, your analyses, the approach you used to respond the case questions, research you undertook to study additional material/resources to analyse/respond case questions, reflect on the NEW skills and knowledge you have learned from this case and reflect on the role of accounting professionals in the case organisation. Please note that this is NOT an executive summary – write this section as your “self-reflection” in your (own) words. This section should not exceed 300 words. Section 2: Introduction – in this section: (i) provide the overall summary for the case and background information about the case organisation; (ii) describe the environment/context of the case organisation, major players, its accounting & auditing practices, its corporate governance & culture, and ethical foundations within the case organisation; (iii) describe the specific...

References: – provide a list of additional resources/material (ie journals, websites, books etc) you used to write case analysis and responses to the question. Your case analysis may also be supported by material presented by the industry partners and academic and industry sources. Limit your list to a maximum of 5 references.
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