Advocacy for family and Youth

Topics: Advocacy, High school, Case study Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: November 27, 2013
Josie’s Case Study
Josie is an 11 year old bi-racial adolescent who lives with her single mother. Josie has been known to have learning and behavioral problems in school, home and community. Due to her behavioral issues, Josie was asked not to return to her soccer team and is no longer permitted at their school program. While counseling Josie, she stated that she has been extremely depressed and she does not care about life. As a human service professional, the ecological model that I will apply to Josie case is being able to develop a broad understanding of her problems. This model sometimes is referred to as person –in- situation or person-in-environment model, which looks at the individual client in the context (Summer, 2011 pg.71).

As an advocate for Josie, due to her learning and behavioral problems, I will suggest to approach the school or support her mother on approaching the school to obtain a specified plan for Josie to help her with her classroom studies. I will also assist Josie on planning and advocating for her voice and opinion to be heard therefore, my goal will be to pressure the school system to work better for or with Josie situations (Summers, 2011). The key advocacy issues or risk factors impacting Josie case are: •Learning and behavioral problems: This is categorized in several areas of functioning in which a person has difficulty learning in a typical manner. I believe all three factors contributed to Josie’s family issues including depression, frustrations and suicidal thoughts. •Depression is another risk factor that can impact Josie’s behavioral issues and this is due to her learning and behavioral problems, lack of parental guidance, and the inability to continue with her after school activities.

Ultimately, my goal on what to do to address the advocacy issues is to be able to become a reflective listener to my client. Being a reflective listener allows the client to know I have heard her concerns and feelings accurately....

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