Aline DeNeuve Case Study 1

Topics: Employment, Interview, The Retreat Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: November 11, 2014
Aline DeNeuve Case Study 1


Aline DeNeuve was assigned to organize a company retreat for the Montreal branch after the one she set up for the Calgary branch was a big success. Aline is shocked that most of the employees have low morale and not interested in a retreat after the first one was a big success. Since she was promoted as the new director of training and development at Consolidated Inc. she must find out why the morale and interest level of the employees is so low and how previous management could have let this happen.

Case Analysis

Heather, the first employee she interviewed who is an administrative assistant, did not like the supervisor because of his dislike of foreigners. This might be the case because Heather wasn’t given a job promotion so she blames it on his dislike of foreigners. This can be to blame because of her confirmation bias therefore Heather is screening out the fact that the decision was made that Heather was Chinese, not that it is the best choice for the company. Due to this, Heather has taken a lot of days off and the supervisor views this as not caring about the company. Heather also told Aline that a retreat wouldn’t make the company closer and wouldn’t be better for the companies anti sociality. Cosolidated Inc. uses a no tolerance approach on its employees and this prevents its employees from getting close.

Jack, the companies certified accountant also believes that skin colour was the reason Aline got a promotion over him. Just like Heather, his views would be a lot different if he got the promotion. Jack also thinks that if the retreat was more concentrated on strengthening the security, it would benefit the company even more. In the interview, he mentioned to Aline that employees were taking office supplies home and that security was not tight enough.

The next employee Aline interviewed was June. June is the Customer Service manager. June complains that there is an overload of work on her plate and...
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