All About Listening Skills

Topics: Learning, Skill, Communication Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: April 30, 2013
1. Listening is the first language mode that children acquire usually from parents. It provides a foundation for all aspects of language and cognitive development. It plays a life-long role in the processes of learning and communication essential to productive participation in life. A study by Wilt Suggests that that people listen only forty five percent of the time they spend communicating. Wilt found that 30 percent of communication time was spent speaking, 16 percent reading, and 9 percent writing. The classroom importance on language modes is on the contrary inversely related to the time people use them. See this students get twelve years of formal training in writing, six to eight years in reading, one to two years in speaking, and from few days to six months in listening, mostly by the parents. This is the "inverted curriculum."

2. It is widely believed that Poor listening skills are a major barrier in nearly all positions from accountants to supervisors. Good listening skills are considered critical to entry-level positions and effective performance. Listening is a central skill at the earliest stage of personal development. The infant begins to respond to a new world by hearing and listening. In fact, listening is at the heart of communicative development, since the child has to learn to listen before learning to speak, learns to speak before learning to read and learns to read before learning to write.

3. Listening is a fundamental skill and the foundation for other communication skills. For this reason, I term listening a prerequisite skill on which all other interactive skills are predicated. To ask the right questions, be assertive, give appropriate rewards, negotiate effectively, open and close interactions, and so on. You must be engaged in intensive listening. If you aren’t an effective listener, you are going to have consistent trouble developing all the other interpersonal skills’. Indeed, many of the...
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