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Topics: Subgroup, Learning, Normal subgroup Pages: 8 (1856 words) Published: September 18, 2014

Group Learning Report
Behavioral Science - I
Section 2 – Group J
Atreyo Chatterjee P. Karan Jain
Ajay Manubhai Dhameliya Rajesh Kumar Meena
Bharathi Das Rohit Kumar
Kailash Chandrasekar Siddarth Chowdhary
Sumit Kumar Jha
What are the major learning outcomes from the course?
The course has helped us learn about different facets of behavior of an employee in different types of organizations. This helped us get an insight into how a business is managed in an organization. We learnt about how a leader should influence his colleagues and how his authenticity makes him a better leader. We also got to know about the decision making processes and the thought processes that lead to making decisions. On the way we realized that individuals think in different ways and hence, diverse opinions of diverse individuals in discussions only leads to more introspection and hence, better decisions. While discussing cases we learnt about various problems any organization can face due to its structure and way of functioning. As we discussed cases relating to a variety of organizations we got a wider outlook about how different organizations require different kind of solutions when it comes to their problems. We also got to know that there is no one way to success when it comes to organizations and different organizations function in different ways to achieve success and even success has different meanings for them. Another very important learning was the importance of keeping personal and professional relationships separate and keeping expectations low. This helps reduce dependence on others and avoid making assumptions. The course gave us an opportunity to learn about various dilemmas a manager can face with respect to an organization’s culture and what different avenues are available in order to solve the same. We also learnt about the shortcomings in Government organizations & how the mentality and thinking of the employees are negatively affecting their working and effectiveness. Additional benefits also included hardcore knowledge about their working, improvements, etc. were also a part of the course. Another very important lesson was knowing how internal and external environment actually affects the functioning of businesses and often leads to major changes in the structure/working of the organizations – be it public or private. If an organization is not able to adapt to those changes it often leads to weakening and eventual closure of that Organization. Apart from all of the above stated learnings we also had fruitful discussions on some general awareness topics and analyzed the reasons for some of the things happening in the country. This helped us in realizing the fact that we must consider arguments to which we may not agree while analyzing and evaluating certain arguments in order to reach a conclusion which is wholesome and hence, correct.

Which aspect of the course generated most of the learnings?
In our opinion the use of case studies in the course generated most of the learnings. This is because: Having read all the cases before coming to lecture we already had our opinions and views about the problems at hand. This lead to discussions which were diverse and fruitful in nature.

As mentioned above we learnt that in order to reach a proper conclusion one must consider views which run contrary to our own views as the possibility of error of judgment is always there.

We got to know about a variety of organizations and problems associated with them

We learnt how to derive lessons from situations other than business situations and still have expertize to relate them with business situations.

Cases provide a very practical learning experience which is more interesting when compared to the plain theoretical way of learning.

What were some of the pedagogical methods were you exposed to? Some of the pedagogical methods we were exposed to...
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