American Literature and Literary Studies

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Whole English Catalog

spring 2014

The English Major
The English major/minor requirements have changed and will affect students accepted to the program FALL 2009 forward. (See ‘Major Requirements for the Department of English 2013-2014 in the back of the catalog)

English Honors acceptance requirements have remained the same, however, requirements for graduation have changed to include one (3 credit) English Department honors seminar and one Senior Thesis (independent work culminating in a thesis of 30-35 pages). Effective Fall 2009.

Membership to the International Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta will be open to all majors/minors with a 3.0 GPA in English during the month of March 2014. Stop by Clemens 303 for more information,

For more information on the Creative Writing Focus, please contact Professor Dimitri Anastasopoulos at: [email protected]
Check out the Creative Writing Facebook page at:

DROP/ADD TIMELINE one week only
Beginning Fall 2011, students cannot continue to add and drop courses during the second week of classes. The Resign Policy applies after the 6th day of classes. During the fall and spring semesters you may change your schedule (adding or dropping courses) at any time between your registration window/enrollment appointment until the 6th day of class. Courses dropped during this period will not appear on your transcript, and you are not financially responsible for these courses. Courses may be added on the 7th day of classes.

You may visit your HUB Student center (via MyUB, UBITName required) to add and drop courses. A course is not “dropped” until you process the request in your HUB Student Center. Refer to the Student Calendars for specific dates.

For more information, visit the Student Response Center website at:

Incomplete Policy: The grace period for incomplete grades is 12 months. Incomplete grades
assigned for (semester):

Will default in 12
months on:

Summer 2013
Fall 2013
Spring 2014

August 31, 2014
December 31, 2014
May 31, 2015

The English Major Club
Do you want to meet more students in the department? Do you
wish you had friends to go to for help on assignments? Do you enjoy just having fun?
The English Club is looking for members. It is a club for majors, minors, and anyone who simply enjoys anything written. If you've been looking for someone to help proof your assignments, talk about books, check out Buffalo's literary scene, and simply relax and have fun with, then the English Club is for you.!

E-mail [email protected] for more information., or visit the webpage at:

Look for us on Facebook:
Visit the English Department website at:
University at Buffalo Department of English

Visit Career Services to look at potential career paths
and to help plan your future!
UB Career Services is the place on campus to help you explore how your English major connects to various career paths. Meeting with a career counselor allows you to explore your interests and career options while helping you take the necessary steps to reach your goal. You can also make a same-day appointment for a resume critique, cover letter assistance, or quick question on your job or internship search. Call 645-2231 or stop by 259 Capen Hall to make an appointment.

Did you know…
Employers in many diverse fields - including business, law, government, research, education, publishing, human services, public relations, culture/entertainment, and journalism - LOVE to hire English majors because of their 

ability to read and write effectively and articulately
excellent verbal communication and listening skills
capacity to think critically and creatively
comprehensive knowledge of grammar and vocabulary
ability to weigh values and present persuasive...
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