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21. The leader of the Irish National Theater Movement in the early 20th century was ______.
A. W.B.Yeats B. Lady Gregory
C. J.M.Synge D. John Galworthy
22. T.S.Eliot's most popular verse play is ______.
A. Murder in the Cathedral B. The Cocktail Party
C. The Family Reunion D. The Waste Land
23. The American writer ______ was awarded the Nobel Prize for the anti-racist In- truder in the Dust in 1950.
A. Ernest Hemingway B. Gertrude Stein
C. William Faulkner D.T.S. Eliot
24. Hemingway's second big success is ______ , which wrote the epitaph to a decade and to the whole generation in the 1920s, in order to tell us a story about the tragic love affair of a wounded American soldier with a British nurse. A. For Whom the Bell Tolls B. A Farewell to Arms

C. The Sun Also Rises D. The Old Man and the Sea
25. With the publication of ______ , Dreiser was launching himself upon a long career that would ultimately make him one of the most significant American writers of the school later known as literary naturalism. A. Sister Carrie B. The Titan

C. The Genius D. The Stoic
26. Henry James is generally regarded as the forerunner of the 20th -century “stream -of-consciousness”novels and the founder of ______. A. neoclassicism B. psychological realism
C. psychoanalytical criticism D. surrealism
27. In 1849, Herman Melville published ______ ,a semi-autobiographical novel, con- cerning the sufferings of a genteel youth among brutal sailors. A. Omoo B. Mardi
C. Redburn D. Typee
28. As a sequel to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,______ marks the climax of Mark Twain's literary activity. A. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn B. Life on the Mississippi C. The Gilded Age D. Roughing It

29. Realism was a reaction against ______ or a move away from the bias towards romance and self- creating fictions, and paved the way to Modernism. A. Romanticism B. Rationalism
C. Post-modernism D. Cynicism
30. When World War II broke out,______ began working for the Italian government, engaged in some radio broadcasts of anti- Semitism and pro- Fascism. A. Ezra Pound B.T.S. Eliot
C. Henry James D. Robert Frost
31. In 1915 ______ became a naturalized British citizen, largely in protest against America's failure to join England in the First World War. A. Henry James B.T.S.Eliot
C. W.D.Howells D. Ezra Pound
32. What Whitman prefers for his new subject and new poetic feelings is “______ ,” that is, poetry without a fixed beat or regular rhyme scheme. A. blank verse B. free rhythm
C. balanced structure D. free verse
33. The American woman poet ______ wanted to live simply as a complete independent being, and so she did, as a spinster. A. Emily Shaw B. Anna Dickinson
C. Emily Dickinson D. Anne Bret
34. The Birthmark drives home symbolically ______ point that evil is a man's birthmark, something he was born with. A. Whitman's B. Melville's
C. Hawthorne's D. Emerson's
35. The Financier ,The Titan and The Stoic written by ______ are called his “Trilogy of Desire”. A. Henry James B. Theodore Dreiser
C. Mark Twain D. Herman Melville
36. Disregarding grammar and punctuation,______ always used “i” instead of “I” in his poems to show his protest against self-importance. A. Wallace Stevens B. Ezra Pound
C. Robert Frost D. E.E.Cummings
37. Though Robert Frost is generally considered a regional poet whose subject matters mainly focus on the landscape and people in ______ , he wrote many poems that investigate the basic themes of man's life in his long poetic career. A. the west B. the south

C. New England D. Alaska
38. Most critics have agreed that Fitzgerald is both an insider and an outsider of ______ with a double vision. A. the Gilded Age B. the Rational Age
C. the Jazz Age D. the Magic Age
39. In the American Romantic writings,______ came to function almost as a dramatic character that symbolized moral law. A. fire B. water
C. trees D. wilderness
40. The desire for an escape from society and a...
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