Analysis of Career Progression for Records and Information Professionals

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Background to the study
The Public Service Commission in 2002 authorized a job evaluation exercise to be carried out in the civil service which was aimed at professionalization of the whole civil service. This exercise was done to enable the government workers to be graded and remunerated according to their qualifications and not experience as was previously done. In 2003, according to a letter addressed to all ministries signed by the then Secretary for Public Service Commission Mr. R. Ndukuhla the results of the job evaluation exercise were to be implemented. After the exercise, a professional qualification was now a prerequisite either for employment, re-grading or promotion purposes in the public service. However, professionalization of registry grade was not done until after several complains were received according to a write up presented by the department of recruitment , assessment and selection in the Public Service Commission concerning the omission of this grade in the professionalization . Later in the year 2004, records personnel were recognized as professionals according to a letter addressed to all ministries referenced B/C/33/2004 dated 31/04/2004 signed by Mrs.C.Chigwamba who was now the Secretary for Public Service Commission. However, the issues of the grades for records personnel were never addressed. Through this project, the writer would try to investigate the issues of professionalization, job description, career progression and promotion for records personnel in the civil service .There was a need to address these problems because at the time of writing this project more than 150 qualified records personnel in the public service had opted to look for lucrative employment in the private sector in the last five years. This is according to statistics held by Public Service Commission for personnel who resigned. Statement of the problem

Records personnel had remained in lower grades in the civil service even after the job exercise of 2004 as shown in the diagram below. Public service structure for Finance, Administration and Human Resources Departments The purpose of the study

The objective of this exploratory analysis was to determine if the civil service records and information career progression accommodates professionals with higher qualifications in records and archives management in the civil service thereby increasing their chances of occupying higher posts in the public sector. Objectives of the study

1. Was to evaluate the benefits of having an open career progression for records personnel in the public sector. 2. Was to identify policies and procedures which were used in the public sector on the promotion and re-grading of records professionals. 3. Was to determine the role played by government on career development of the records and information professionals in the public sector. Research questions

1. How would the records professionals benefit from having an open career progression in the public sector? 2. Were there policies and procedures on promotion and re-grading which were referred to in the public sector on promotion and re-grading of staff? 3. What was the government doing on career development of the records personnel in the public sector? Significance of the study

The research was intended to benefit the government through rectification of the grading system thus in turn minimize the rate of resignation and retain experienced staff. It was hoped that through this research the records professionals would be able to see how their career was progressing or not progressing and if possible make an appeal to the commission for restructuring of their grade. The research would also be useful to those who wished to join the public sector as records professionals as the benefits and lack of benefits would clearly be pointed out through this research. Assumption of the study

Assumption of the study was that records and information management was a...
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