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The performance of ‘university students’ in the TV show “University”

During the twentieth century people used to pay attention on domestic and global politics and economy since the world was just steady after the wars, people from different country started to restructure their own rules and develop new societies. While after the twenty-first century, they tend to emphasize on the variety of lifestyle, which mostly focus on amusement and recreation, the increasing lifestyle TV programs and magazines emerge with the demands of public audience. Among the varied and types of TV programs, talk show has become a popular genre recently. “University”, a kind of talk show has being on view in Taiwan since 2007, turns into a hot issue in Asian countries. This essay will roughly exhibit the introduction of this TV show at first, but mainly attempts to analyse the performance of “university students” and then brings out the limitation and influence. “University” is a television program which based on the style of talk show performed on week day nights which involves three hosts, a university group contains sixteen students from different universities of Taiwan, and some honoured guests from professional aspects or representative figures of universities such as school beauties. These attenders share their own experience and ideas of the topic which is given of each episode. The reason that shown at night every week days is because it is the time university students are active at. The content of “University” bases on the campus life of Taiwanese university students and their experience of it as well as their shared ideas of some hot issues. Most of the type of the content appears in the talk show is about lifestyle such as gossip of celebrities or political personages, fashion, romance, travel, education, career and some interesting or strange phenomenon. It can be also interestingly found that the guests from some of the episodes are comprehensively different identities,...
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