ASSIGNMENT The things you carry

Topics: Abstraction, Force, Ontology Pages: 1 (141 words) Published: November 30, 2014
What do you carry in school? Planner/schedule, books, pencils, homework, backpack.

What do you carry in the summer? Volunteer badge , No homework, No stress
What do you have to bring to work? SCHOOL WORK

What things do you carry that are very visible to the world?

What things are more hidden?

What things are totally invisible, that is, abstract or symbolic?

What do others make you carry?

What things do you carry that you’d like to put down?

Next create a visual using all the items on your list. Be sure to group these items into categories such as Necessitites, luxuries, things I love concrete things, abstract things, things that make me things I wish I could put down. Highlight three of the most significant weights you carry. Not that these things may represent positive or negative weight.
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