B01BUIS213 Sample Paper For Students

Topics: Information systems, Question, Multiple choice Pages: 3 (630 words) Published: February 26, 2015
Trimester 3, 2013
Unit Name: Business Information System
Unit Code: B01BUIS213
To be completed by the student:


(Given name)

ID Number

Course Title



This Question paper consists two parts (Part A, B, and C)
Total time allowed : 2 hours 10 minutes (10 minutes perusal) All questions should be attempted.
This is a closed book examination. NO MATERIAL IS ALLOWED.

Hardcopy dictionaries will be provided
The questions may be answered in any order but all answers are to be written in this answer book, and must be written clearly and legibly in ink.
Before leaving the examination room, you must give this book to the invigilator. Part A


Part B


Part C




Prepared by: Dr. Sai Kiran Lakkaraju
Date prepared: 1/Feb/2015

Business Information Systems

Part – A: Multiple Choice Questions (10X1 = 10 Marks)
Write the question number and the answer (only one option) in the answer booklet provided. Note: There will be only 10 multiple choice questions in the final exam. 1. An online journal is called a ________.

2. Microsoft Word is an example of the ________ component.
3. The keyboard and monitor are an example of which of the five components? 4. ________ is an example of an actor in the characteristics of the five components. 5. Business processes are ________.

6. Which of the following is NOT part of the network that comprises business processes? 7. An example of the bargaining power of customers is high would be: 8. An example of the threat of new entrants is very low would be: 9. Ferrari uses which of Porter's strategies?

10. A collection of servers called a ________ coordinates the activities of hundreds of users. 11. A grocery scanning checkout system would be an example of ________. 12. Computers represent data using ________.

13. Main memory contains data and instructions for the ________ program, which controls the computer's resources....
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