Babylon and Case Study

Topics: Babylon, Babylonia, Case study Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: July 10, 2013
Case Study Project: Stage 1

The works I chose to compare and use in my case study are Lion Gate, and Ishtar Gate (Kleiner 30; 33). The Lion Gate is from Hattusa, Turkey, ca built in from 1400 BCE. The Ishtar Gate is from Babylon Iraq, ca from 575 BCE, which has now been restored and resides in Berlin. I was motivated to do my case study on these two unique gates because of the unique comparison between the two. Despite the fact both gates have their large size and unique style in common they individually hold a different history on their creation. In this case study I will center in on the Symbolism and Media of each gate. The two gates have an interesting story to tell, therefore I feel I can explore and learn a great deal on each of them.

In order for me to stay focused on the Symbolism of each gate I will explore the reason to their creation. I am confident this will lead to an explanation on why certain elements were utilized regardless of what was available at the time of their creation. Next I will center in on each gates media and what was actually used to create them. Both gates are great in size and style however when we focus on the size and style, sadly what allowed it to be that great is forgotten. I believe that the history both gates have to offer will provide me with enough information to provide a great case study on each.

I have found two sources to start my research off which offer a great amount of detail already. My first source is a website named, which specified on the Lion Gate in Hattusa. It provided information on what the gates were entrances to and the materials it used to create it. This information will help me provide an informative case study on its symbolism and media. For the Ishtar Gate of Babylon I used a website named Ancient Babylonia which discussed in specifics the Ishtar Gate’s past and restoration. Information and facts given on this website provide me with great detail in regards to the...

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