Bad Communication

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Bad Communication

This article was very interesting, and did bring up a different look on communicating. I have ever thought about communicating with my wife in a way she would not understand what I meant. As in my wife tells me she’s cold all the time, and I tell her to put a jacket on. She also tells me she hot all the time, I do not think it’s a coy. I do in a way understand where they are coming from. The way we communicate with our close friends or family is in my opinion a lot different than how we communicate with strangers. A close friend or relative should be able to pick up on the tone of your voice for example and realize what you mean. Then if they don’t they should feel comfortable enough with you to ask what you mean or where you are coming from. Rather than if you are speaking to a stranger they may not understand and could take what you say in the wrong way. A stranger could be uncomfortable with asking what you meant or even be afraid. Although as the article states, “You get rushed and preoccupied, and you stop taking the perspective of the other person, precisely because the two of you are so close (Savitsky 2011)." I would have to agree with this first hand. I have had this happen with my wife and close relatives. One of us are so busy, the person we are communicating with takes what we say the wrong way and we wonder where the heck they got the idea from. They tell you and you then have to explain why you told them that.

I have had this type of miscommunication happen to me before. For example, I will tell my kids to clean their room. They will think, dad is just kidding around since he jokes all the time. I will go back to their room after a while and find the same mess, and them sitting on the floor playing. I will then ask them why they haven’t started cleaning. They respond by laughing and joking around. Obviously we have had a miscommunication. I then have to let them know that I was not playing and to get the...

References: Savitsky, (2011). Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication. Health Day News. (), pp.
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