Bad Effects of Internet

Topics: Pollution, Automobile, Gasoline Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Hritik -Fact Finder
Devang – Fact Finder
Ashutosh – Ecologist
Noor: Good morning children…..sit down, today you’ll meet some one special….plz welcome Dr. Ashutosh….he’s one of the most famous ecologist… He’s here today to tell discuss a few things about air….we are reading that in E.V.S..right. Ashutosh: Hello children….so first of all I want to ask if any of you ever think to do something about air pollution…… Vasu:Sir…I ..think …that’s the job a scientist should do?’nt it.. Ashutosh: My little friend you have a point but……have you ever tried to do your bit…..fine so I think I’d be teeling you some ways of your bit to save air pollution… ( PAUSE EVERYONE ) Devang: Before we move any further…do you know.. Many countries have started introducing different educational programs in order to explain to the people the seriousness of pollution issue on global level. In spite of these praiseworthy efforts pollution is still running out of control in many parts of the world. However there are many people who still believe that combating this problem through the education is the only solution. Ashutosh: Now Noor aunty is going to tell some ways to prevent air pollution… but most of it can be followed by adults….but don’t worry soon I’ll tell you your bit… Noor: ( Explanation)

Hritik: Ever since the industrial revolution started people started dumping more and more garbage into our rivers, sea oceans, and different types of emissions have also created significant air pollutions in many countries across the world. Take China for instance, by reaching super fast economic boom China also experienced supper fast airpollution. Ashutosh: Well you all must have understood that much…now I’’l explain another si,ple chart I’ve brought for you…..( Explanation…) ( PAUSE) Devang and Hritik: So then it's the industry the main factor...
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