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CASE #6 – “Starbucks in 2012: Evolving into a Dynamic Global Organization”

(This Case is Case #24 in the Humber Case Book for BMGT 355 Winter 2015)

Here are some suggestions and some requirements for your preparation to answer questions related to this Case on an individual basis during class in Week 12 (March 30/31).

Please note:

You will be provided with dictionaries to use. No electronic devices allowed.. You will need to prepare “Discussion Points” for submission as usual (one copy only which you can use while working on the Case and then submit it with the answer booklet). Bring your copy of the Case Book, (or borrow one from a classmate and bring it) to Class for this Case Study exercise worth 8% toward your Final Grade.

1. Read the Case more than once.
2. Focus your reading and your creation of your “Discussion Points” on the following:

The “key elements” of Schultz’s “long-term vision” for Starbucks. The “actions / elements” that are involved in Starbucks’ “social responsibility strategy”. The “issues / concerns” that Starbucks is facing as of mid-2012 and what Starbucks’ management should be worried about.


As usual, you must prepare a list of “Discussion Points” to submit to the Instructor. This time you will submit your Discussion Points with your answer booklet. Use a computer to prepare your “Discussion Points”, in English.

REMINDER: A bonus of up to 5% of the available marks for the Case will be added to your mark based on the content of your “Discussion Points” submission.  Late submissions and submissions that have not been printed will not be accepted for the purpose of bonus marks.  Failure to submit printed "key points" will result in a penalty of 10% of the available marks for the Case. 

IMPORTANT.: Do not copy another student’s “Discussion Points”. Do not provide your work to another...
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