BPR Case Study Honeywell

Topics: Business process reengineering, Process management, Case study Pages: 3 (1179 words) Published: November 16, 2014
Name: Justin Dean
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A BPR case study at Honeywell Inc.

In this case study it has been explained how Honeywell Inc. has gone through a radical change by implementing the BPR strategies and developed a set of 10 general lessons which are as follows: Lesson one: People are the key enablers of change

Lesson two: Question everything
Lesson three: People need a systematic methodology to map processes Lesson four: Create team ownership and a culture of dissatisfaction Lesson five: Management attitude and behavior can squash projects Lesson six: Bottom-up or empowered implementation

Lesson seven: BPR must be business-driven and continuous
Lesson eight: IT is a necessary, but not a sufficient, enabler Lesson nine: Set stretch goals
Lesson ten: Execution is the real difference between success and failure Introduction:
Honeywell Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona teaches us a set of lessons to help others transform successfully. The Honeywell industrial automation and control (IAC) business unit designs, manufactures, and configures the sophisticated TDC 3000X family of systems. These systems enable its customers (refineries, chemical plants, and paper mills around the world) to achieve world-class process-control capability. In late 1989, the management team began a three-year world-class manufacturing (WCM) program to examine lagging performance results. WCM established ambitious goals for defect reduction, short-cycle production, and materials management. Specific goals included reducing defects by a factor of ten (1,000 percent) and cycle time by a factor of five (500 percent). WCM was created to provide resources and take a system-wide view of the plant. WCM supported a focused-factory environment that harnesses the potential of teams. Instead of workers being assigned to a specific area on the factory floor, teams of multi-skilled workers were charged with building entire products or modules from start to finish. WCM provided resources to teams...
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