Britannia Nutrichoice Case Analysis

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Britannia NutriChoice Case Study
Realigning a successful health positioning with the demands of Indian consumers' changing lifestyles Reference Code: CSCM0310 Publication Date: April 2010

Britannia NutriChoice has become a pioneer in the Indian biscuit market by offering the elusive combination of a ‘health with taste’ value proposition to an emerging set of health-conscious and discerning consumers. This case study analyzes the evolution of the NutriChoice brands over the last decade and examines various strategies adopted by Britannia to grow the brand into its present market-leading position.

• Britannia NutriChoice was the first brand to recognize the needs of the fast-emerging segment of healthconscious consumers in India and, for the first time, attempted to combine health with taste in the biscuits market. Through this proposition, Britannia NutriChoice attempted to mitigate the myth of healthy food being low on taste and flavor. • Until 2005 the company market-tested a number of product concepts under the NutriChoice umbrella and, in the process, developed a deep understanding of the need states of India's emerging health-conscious population. The company’s restructuring in 2005 gave a fresh perspective to its otherwise quiescent product portfolio. • NutriChoice was instrumental in broadening the scope of the biscuits segment in India. It has successfully positioned biscuits as a healthy alternative to traditionally consumed savory snacks and, in the process, has expanded competition into a number of other categories such as savory snacks, instant noodles and popcorn, among others. • NutriChoice’s repositioning appears even more apt given that, around the same time, the lifestyle of Indian consumers underwent a massive transformation due to a number of socioeconomic changes. Indeed, it triggered the acceptance of biscuits as a healthy and tasty way to satisfy hunger between meals at a time when timepressured Indians felt guilty for consuming unhealthy snacks.

Britannia NutriChoice Case Study
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Britannia NutriChoice Case Study

Britannia’s strategy of giving its biscuits a health and tasty core positioning is increasingly being emulated by a number of other companies. However, the brand has been able to successfully keep the competition at bay by launching product variants and adopting a number of innovative marketing approaches.

Britannia NutriChoice Case Study
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Britannia NutriChoice Case Study

ANALYSIS The strength of Britannia’s NutriChoice brand lies in its evolution from a staid ‘health’ to a ‘health plus taste plus happiness’ positioning Britannia Industries Limited is the largest biscuit manufacturer and marketer in India. The company has enjoyed its marketleading position almost since its inception in 1892, and currently commands a 38.5% market share in value terms in the overall cookies and crackers category in India. The company has a variety of brands in its portfolio and has streamlined them into two segments: ‘delight and lifestyle brands’, such as Good Day, Treat, 50-50 and Pure Magic, among others; and ‘health and nutrition brands', such as NutriChoice, Tiger, Milk Bikis and Marie Gold. These brands cater to consumers across a wide array of ages and income groups. In 1999, Britannia conceptualized NutriChoice as a platform brand for its ‘health and nutrition’ offerings. The launch of NutriChoice exemplifies the company's foresight, as Indian consumers' awareness of health and wellness issues was at a nascent stage at that time. However, the trend was soon to take off and, through NutriChoice, Britannia aimed to capitalize on the imminent health and wellness wave in India. At present, the...
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