Burt's Bees' Case study report

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Burt’s Bees’ is an “Earth Friendly” Natural personal care company, which creates natural personal care products. The company was originated by Roaxanne Quimby and Shavitz in 1984. Shavitz was beekeeper and then Quimby and Shavitz teamed up and formed the Burt’s Bees’. They started making and selling candles from bees wax. At the very first craft fair they sold $200 worth and by the end of the first year sales climbed to $20,000. After that there sale were increasing every year and in 1989 they had started hiring employees and had 44 employees and they also expanded the product line to include other handmade crafts bees wax based products like lip balm. The company was totally debt free and had never taken out a loan. In 1994 Burt’s Bees’ had to move the business to new location due to the lack of expertise and high cost of doing business. And the sales were not growing over $3 million although it has a lot more potential. The business needed a place where it is possible to get skilled labour and more chances to get expand. But as we all know every decision has its pros and cons. Similarly Quimby’s decision of moving the Burt’s Bees’ business to a new place had its consequences as well such as higher pay rate which would have to pay to the skilled employees, so would have to work on that too and had to made a decision about doing a business at new place or move back to its previous location where they could get a cheap labour. To get the conclusion about whether they should stay and do a business at new location or going back to the previous location would be beneficial or she if she would sell the company and fulfil her other dreams which she always wanted to make them a reality that would be good, before reaching to the answer we need to analyse all pros and cons of each decision. As of now she has three choices:

1. Stay in North Carolina
2. Move back to Marine
3. Sell the...
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