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How to Write Business Case Studies
By Belinda Tucker, eHow Contributor
updated: February 7, 2011
Research different facets of a business to write a case study. a puzzle image by Pavel Bernshtam from

Business case studies provide information for corporate management, investors and students. Use of case studies can help solve company problems, attract potential investors and train business students. Writing an effect case study involves research, writing and analytical skills. The objective of the case study determines the best approach to use, the analytical approach or a problem-oriented approach. The analytical case study examines the history of an organization without any particular focus on solving current problems. The problem-oriented approach examines specific problems and identifies potential solutions.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
1. 1
Determine the purpose of the case study. Consider who requested the study and its objective. Prepare an outline to achieve the stated objectives. 2. 2
Prepare a list of questions or issues your business case study needs to address. Determine the best resources for data based on your audience and stated objective. Conduct relevant research using reliable sources. 3. 3

Write a brief history of the organization for the introduction, focusing on key pieces of information related to your primary objective. Clearly state the agenda of the case study, specifying the issues and questions addressed. 4. 4

Follow your outline. Discuss company challenges and progress when appropriate. Use objective data in graphic form to show market changes over time and for easy comparison purposes. Discuss corporate strategies used to address challenges and the effectiveness of each if applicable. Use headings to organize the study and separate issues. Clearly state assumptions and associated data to support the assumptions. 5. 5

Write a logical conclusion that addresses the...
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