Business Research Case Study

Topics: Perception, Psychology, Management Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: February 8, 2014
Business Research Case Study
LDR/535 Leading Change
October 8, 2013

Learning Outcomes
Many changes implemented to change something within an organization are implemented with minimal attention given to the resistance that generally occurs during the implementation, and the human aspects of change. Managers show slight understanding about the serious role that the human aspects have in influencing the change transition phase. Usually, managers focus on the technical and operational aspects of change initiatives within their organizations. Leadership in Organizations, Chapter 10 – Resistance to Change Resistance to change was the information that was most important and useful in chapter 10. Individuals’ perception of change determines if resistance will occur. Resistance to change is a common phenomenon for individuals and organizations. Individuals’ perception of whether they perceive a change initiative to be positive or negative sometimes depends on the level of control and influence they believe they will have in influencing the change outcome. Individuals will accept a change initiative when they have a clear understanding of the change, and when they are given an opportunity to make recommendations toward the change. However, individuals perceive a change initiative as negative for several reasons. A few reasons individuals perceive a change initiative to be negative is they were ineffectively prepared, they did not have a voice in the developing phase, or they dislike the effects of the change. When major changes occur in organizations, individuals lose control over a few important aspects of their lives. Therefore, before contemplating or planning an organizational change initiative, managers should try systematically to anticipate employees perceptions and identify the individuals who may resist the change and why.
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