Caffeine Analysis

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* Caffeine is used to provide a "boost of energy" or a feeling of being more alert. It's often used to stay awake longer and many people feel as though they "cannot function" in the morning without a cup of coffee to provide caffeine and the boost it gives them. 9 in 10 Americans consume some form of caffeine regularly, making it the most popular behavior-altering drug.

* Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance. It is part of a group of chemical compounds called methylxanthines (meth-ul-zan-thines). Caffeine is naturally found in the leaves, seeds, or fruits of a least 63plant species worldwide. The most common include tea leaves, coffee beans, cocoa beans, and kola nuts. These are used to make coffee, tea, energy drinks, soft drinks, chocolates, and medicines. Caffeine is classified as a drug because stimulates the central nervous system. Caffeine is a stimulant, meaning it makes us feel more alert and awake after drinking or eating foods or beverages that contain it.

* Caffeine is not only found in beverages. Caffeine is naturally found in chocolate and now companies have created special caffeinated candies like breath mints and chewing gum. One pack of caffeinated gum contains 12 pieces of gum and the caffeine equivalent of 6 cups of coffee. Even the US military uses a caffeinated gum called “Stay Alert” for continuous military operations when soldiers are not able to sleep.

* Caffeine is absorbed in the stomach and intestine, and peak blood levels occur about 45 - 60 minutes after ingestion. Once in the blood stream, caffeine causes a number of responses in the body. Caffeine is well known for it's stimulant effects on the brain, but there are a number of other physiologic effects that occur. Blood pressure, pulse rate, and stomach acid production are increased, fat stores are broken down, and fatty acids are released into the blood stream....
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