Case A4

Topics: Scientific method, Case study, Causality Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: January 18, 2015
 Case A4 The effectiveness of computer – based training at Falcon Insurance Company

Q1) Which type of research strategy are employed in this study? Ans :- The types of research strategies employed in research are :- 1.Practitioner-researcher strategy 2. Single case study 3. Survey 4. Experiment

Q2) What are the benefits of adding longitudinal dimension to this research? Ans :- The longitudinal dimension increased usability of this research and made the data That was gathered useful to be used in real life, it also showed how employees are Developed under circumstances of the search.

Q3) What are the benefits of using multiple methods of data collection? Ans :- Using multiple methods of data collection helps in collecting data and it also help in answering questions that were asked at beginning of the research, and another reason is for its ability for widening the angels in which research is conducted.

Q4.) a)what threats to reliability are inherent in the research design? Ans:- There are four main threats to reliability : participant error, participant bias, observer Error and observer bias.

b)how many these be overcome?
Ans:- Probability of participant error is low in this case as questionnaires were designed And delieverd in such The probability of participant error is low in this case as the questionnaires were designed and delivered in such a way as to provide objective results. Participant bias may be viewed as inherent in the research design as the participants may answer the questions as anticipated. They all were required to finish the CBT by the top management. Therefore, they may feel as if obliged to pretend to do it successfully. However, the researcher found the only possible way out and made these questionnaire results confidential....
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