Case Analysis

Topics: Logic, Case study, Scientific method Pages: 3 (536 words) Published: December 9, 2012

(Case study analysis are written as report in structured format with relevant headings)

A. Case Title: (Title based on the given case study)

B. Time Framework: (Range of years or time period where the case occur)

C. Entrepreneurship Topic: (State the main topics relevant to Business Opportunity that are demonstrated in the case study.)

D. Statement of the Problem/s (Discussion or case questions): (Questions provided by the case study will be enumerated here. These questions will serve as statement of the problems and will provide central direction for the case study analysis.)

E. Main Problem: (Emphasize the main problem of the company/firm or the project/case that needs immediate solution. Presenting the statement of the “Main Problem” must be in a question format. Identifying this major issue is instrumental to the success of the company or the project. This may be also derived from D. The main problem indicates the specific results and challenges that the company or a project seeks to achieve relative to Business Opportunities. State here the requirement of the case. Other concerns that are not specified in the “D. Statement of the Problems” will be indicated here, if there is any.)

F. Important Information / Areas of Consideration: (Identify, investigate and analyze the company’s history, critical incidents, structure and growth. A company’s past experiences can greatly affect the present and future state of the organization.)

F1. Persons Involved (Describe the important characters)

F2. Significant facts (Company’s line of business, arguments or conflicts encountered, highlight and other background information)

G. Answers to Discussion or Guide Questions: (Using the information gathered in “F”, evaluation will then follow. Performing “F” and “G” will result to appropriate course of actions, recommendation and plan of actions for the company or the project in the case. Answers to discussion and...
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