Case Analysis

Topics: Case study, Garuda Indonesia Pages: 8 (1982 words) Published: March 18, 2014
Case 1: Joan
I-Statement of the Problem
Why Joan need more money or assistant?
II- Objective of the study
A. To identify Joan problem.
III- Alternative Courses of Action
Action 1:
The solution Joan need more money and assistant and the manager should made it and give her freedom. IV- Analysis
A. Positive Reaction
If Joan will be given a freedom the management would find new one better than her and screened it to the fullest for her job description. B. Negative Reaction
The company would loss someone asset of the company and took too much time to find new one. V- Conclusion and Recommendation
I therefore conclude that Joan should freed cause she will no longer become productive ob her work. Instead, the company would suffer from her unwillingness to work. Case 2: Garuda Indonesia Airways

I-Background of the Study
On January 6, 1988, Mr. Mohammad Seopamo was appointed by the government of Indonesia to succeed as Mr. Lumneta as president director of Garuda Indonesia Airway. In spite, of rapid growth in both passenger traffic and fleet during the oil boom of the 1970’s, thus making the largest airline in the southern hemisphere. Garuda as it was known then had been plagued by a bad reputation as well as heavy losses year after year. Having been a member of Mr. Lumenta’s management team of Garuda since November 17, 1984, Mr. Seopamo had the opportunity to involve himself with the management in its efforts to develop and implement new strategies to turn around the airline, which posted a net loss of U.S $7 million in 1984 , into profitability. He was therefore very pleased to see the company making a profit for the first time in more than a decade, to the tune of modest rupiah 300 million. This result confirmed Mr. Seopamo’s confidence in the effectiveness of the policies adopted by Mr. Lumenta upon the latter’s appointment as president Director of Garuda in 1984. II- Statement of the Problem

Why did Garuda experience heavy loss?
III- Objective of the study
A. To know the reason of Garuda’s heavy losses.
B. To make the case study possible.
C. To submit the requirements to management 101 class.
IV- Alternative Courses of Action
Action 1:
Monitor the financial status of the company.
Action 2:
Get involve and focus on the processing it’s financial requirements. V- Choosing the best Alternative Courses of Action
I have to choose alternative courses of action number one.

VI- Analysis
A. Positive Reaction
The Garuda’s financial activities shall be properly monitored where any problem detected to its standing can be directly remedied. Utilization of resources would be learned. B. Negative Reaction
This positioned for additional salary expense for the financial manager or consultant being hired for instance, in doing the job. Furthermore, the management incurred increment to the total cost of production. VII- Conclusion and Recommendation

The management of Garuda can now identify the constraints that threaten the company because monitoring plays an important role in maintaining the financial status of one’s firm. In relative to this, counter remedy would be made to prevent future conflict.

I recommend that the management itself take a study for this problem or ask the help of professionals in the field of finance. Case 3: San Miguel Corporation and A. Soriano Corporation
I-Background of the Study
In the early 1980’s, the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) and A. Soriano Corporation (ANSCOR) group of companies, under the leadership of Andres Soriano, Jr. addressed a long felt need for an effective formal planning system for the two companies.

According to Soriano, the companies had developed their budgeting and long-range planning system several years earlier but, despite the many advantages these gave them, they were not satisfied with their ability to respond the rapid changes in the environment around them. They therefore, search for a process that would enable them to upgrade their...
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