Case and Lecture Teaching in Business Administration

Topics: Case study, Education, Educational psychology Pages: 18 (2174 words) Published: March 17, 2012
The Lecture and Discussion Method "The Lecture and Discussion Method for Management Education: Pros and Cons"

Rick W. Griffin and William E.Cashin

Purpose of the article is to describe the advantages and disadvantages of the lecture teaching method to the management educators.

Center for Faculty Evaluation and Developement, Kansas State University

The journal of Management developement; Bradford

"Developing Virtual Team Problem-Solving and Learning Capability using the Case Study Method"

Vu Tran and Hugo M Latapie

Developing "Virtual team problem solving" is a challenging and cruical task in today's global economy.

Cambridge University

The Business review; Cambridge

"Teaching and writing Case Studies"

John Heath

Teaching and writing case studies.

International Teachers' Programme Santra Clara University

A practical guide for teaching and writing case studies.

"Is Case Teaching more effetive than Lecture Teaching in Business Administration?"

Franz Böcker

Experiments taken to quantify the effects of case teaching compared to the lecture teaching in business administration.

University of Regensburg

Interfaces; Linthicum

"The theory/applications in the Management Pedagogy"

Wren, Daniel A, Buckley, M Ronald, Michaelsen, Larry K

Teaching methods in business administration.

University of Oklahoma

Journal of Management; New York

"Effectivness, teaching and assessment: Survey evidence from a Finance Course"

Ming Lai, Jing Hui Kwan, Hazlina Abdul Kadir, Mahdir Abdullah, Voon Choong Yap

The effectiveness, teaching and assessment methods in finance.

-Multimedia University; Malaysia -Islamic Science University; Malaysia

Journal of Education for Business; Washington

"The influence of Business Case Studies on learning styles: An Empirical Investigation"

Kate Wynn-Williams, Rosalind H. Whiting und Ralph W. Adler

The applications of the case study method has provided realistic learning scenarios in accounting.

Department of Accountancy and Business Law; University of Otago, New Zealand

Accounting Education; London

"Writing mini-Cases: An active learning assignment"

Ling Chu and Theresa Libby

Writing mini cases in a tax course, which increase students' motivation for acquiring tax contents.

School of Accounting and Finance; University of Waterloo

Issues in Accounting education

"The effect of teaching methods on examination performance and attitudes in an introductory Financial Accounting course"

Joseph Marcheggiani, Karel A Davis, James F Sander

The "Socratic teaching method"

Butler UniversityIndianapolis; Indiana

Journal of Education for Business, Washington

"Teaching and learning using Case Studies: A teaching note"

Trevor Hassal , Sarah Lewi S and Mike Broadbent

"The Financial Decision Making Module"

-ShefŽld Hallam University, UK e - Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Journal of Accounting Education

"Course Research: Using the Case Method to build and teach Management Theory"

Clayton M Christensen and Paul R Carlile

The teachers and students are partners in a collective approach for building, improving and using the management theory.

Boston University

Journal of Academy of Management Learning and education

"Case studies in MBA strategic management curriculum development from Australian universities"

Tim O’shannassy, Sharon Kemp and Chros Booth

The significance of well educated students for the Australian labor market

-RMIT University, Melbourne, Austalia

Journal of Management and Organization

-School of Management, Swinburne University, Hawtorn VIC, Australia

"Encouraging participation in case discussions: A comparison of the MICA and the Harvard Case Methods"

Ramarao Desiraju and C. Gopinath

Examination of the Harvard Case Method (HCM) and the McAleer Interactive Case Analysis (MICA) method....
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