Case assignment week 2

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Mia Fernandez
Human Resources Management
Case Assignment Week #2

Case Study 1:

Job Candidate Assessment Tests Go Viral:

1.The advantages of using virtual tryouts are better-qualified candidates; faster recruiting, lower turnover among employees hired, allows candidates to have a more realistic job preview, and makes candidates feel like they are being chosen for the position on more than just their personalities or how they performed during the interview. The disadvantages are a candidate that a company wishes to hire decides after the virtual tryout that it’s not a right fit for them, and the purchase price of the simulation software.

2. The only issue would be whether the virtual tryout simulation system is designed for different positions within the company. I can see an issue is they have a potential candidate performing a virtual tryout and it doesn’t pertain to the actual position that they are interviewing for.

3. Virtual job tryouts are better suited for some jobs than others. As long as the company tailor the virtual jobs simulations system for different types of positions. I do not see it working to assess construction or cooking type positions though.

Case Study 2

Appraising Employees at the San Diego Zoo

1. Although San Diego Zoological society is a nonprofit organization, they need to have an appraisal system because it has many benefits. The appraisal system allows managers not only evaluate the performance of employees, but managers also can identify individual strengths and weaknesses. It allows employees to understand the objectives and goals of the organization. When employees understand their objectives and goals, they know what the organization expects them to do. With this process, employees can increase their work performance, which brings higher customer satisfaction. According to the textbook, performance appraisal is defined as a process designed to help employees understand their rules,...
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