Case Incident 1: Moving from Colleague to Supervisor

Topics: Leadership, Group dynamics, Group development Pages: 7 (2199 words) Published: April 2, 2012

The cases are done individually. Following are the guidelines:

Your name and Metric number must be clearly typed on the COVER PAGE. The cases study answers should be neatly typed, using Times New Roman, size 12; Spacing 1.5 and justified. Please check for spelling and grammatical errors.

Hard copy of the assignment must be submitted to me on the due date as indicated. The grades assigned will be based on content, effort, creativity and ORIGINALITY. I shall remind you that late submission will be awarded with ZERO mark. In the case of sickness (must produce medical certificate or in special circumstances), I may grant an appropriate extension for the cases write-up submission.


Format of Cover Page:

The cover page must have the following standard layout:

Centered top:
name of the university
course name, course code
semester (e.g. Feb 2012)
Centered middle:
student name
student ID
Centered bottom:
instructor name (spell correctly)
actual date of submission

Content of the Cases Study Write-up
Summary of the case
Question( in bold letter on top of your answer) and answer

Bind the write-up with an appropriate book binding(wring binding, tape binding)


Case study 1(Related chapter 6: Group and Team) 10%:

The Forgotten Group member (Due on 21/03/2012)

The organizational Behavior course for the semester appeared to promise the opportunity to learn, enjoy, and practice some of the theories and principles in the text book and class discussion. Christine Spencer was a devoted hard-working student, who had been maintaining an A-average to date. Although the skills and knowledge she had acquired through her course were important, she was also very concerned about her grades. She felt that grades were paramount in giving her a competitive edge when looking for a job and, as a third year student; she realized that she’d soon be doing just that.

Sunday afternoon. Two o’clock. Christine was working on an accounting assignment but didn’t seem to be able to concentrate. Her courses were working out very well this semester, all but the OB. Much of the mark in that course was to be applied to the quality group work, and so she felt somewhat out of control. She recollected the events of the past five weeks. Professor Sandra Thiel had divided the class into groups of five people and had given them a major group assignment worth 30 percent of the final grade. The task was to analyze a seven –page case and to come up with a written analysis. In addition, Sandra had asked the group to present the case in class, with the idea in mind that the rest of the class members would be” members of the Board of Directors of the company” who would be listening to how the manager and her team dealt with the problem at had.

Christine was selected “Team Coordinator” at the first group meeting. The other members of the group were Dianne, Janet, Steve, and Mike. Diane was quiet and never volunteered suggestions, but when directly asked, she would come up with high quality of ideas. Mike was the clown. Christine remembered that she had suggested that the group should get together before every class to discuss the day’s case. Mike had balked, saying” No way”!! This is an 8.30 class, and I barely make it on time anyway! Beside, I’ll miss my ‘Happy Harry’ show on television.” The group couldn’t help but laugh at his indignation. Steve was the businesslike individual, always wanting to ensure that group meeting were guided by an agenda and noting the tangible results achieved or not achieved at the end of every meeting. Janet was the reliable one who would always have more for the group that was expected of her. Christine saw herself as meticulous and organized and as a person who tried to give her best in whatever she did.

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