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Topics: Case study, Termination of employment, Evaluation methods Pages: 5 (844 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Client Recommendation Exercise Paper: Retain (Reinforce), Refer, or Release, which contains three | |hypothetical client case studies from the fictitious Family Support Services Center. | | | |Determine whether you will recommend to retain (reinforce), refer, or release each client. | | | |Reinforce: includes additional supervisory support, staff responsibilities and increased responsibilities. | |Refer: includes additional supervisory support and monitoring, retraining, and corrective plan of assistance and a referral for outside assistance. | |Release: includes legal and ethical consideration, instituting a corrective plan of assistance, possible probation or termination. | | | |Describe which communication and interviewing skills would be important in each situation. | | | |Determine whether you will recommend retaining, referring or releasing each staff person. | | | |Write a 1,400- to 2,450-word paper that provides a rationale for and explanation of your decision based on your readings and research. | | | |Address the tasks of endings and transitions that are relevant to your decision for each case, as needed. | | | |Include at least three references other then the text to support your conclusions. | | | |Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. |

Many of the communication and interviewing skills that you have been studying in relation to clients also are applicable for human service managers. Clinicians must determine when clients might need further treatment and support, when they may need an outside referral to achieve the treatment goals, or when they have reached the end of their relationship with a clinician. Similarly, human service staff sometimes may need help from a human service manager. A human service manger can help staff continue to grow and reinforce skills, they can provide outside referrals to address areas of concern or for professional development, or they can manage situations that require a staff member to resign or be terminated.

Consider how client-oriented information and training can be relevant to working as a human service manager with staff who have interpersonal and work-related issues that must be addressed.

Using the three case studies following these directions, determine a recommendation...
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