Case of Complaining Consumers

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Case of complaining consumer

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Identification of the Issues
The major problem faced in this case is Presto Cleaner's poor service. They do not identify customer needs in order to match their expectations to the organization objectives. It seems like Mr.Hoffner neglects Mr.Shelton's requirement and delays to handle this case for a long time. However, Mr.Hoffner is a victim rather than a criminal of Presto Cleaner's service-management culture that has not built a support system that encourages employees to establish a positive attitude toward the consumers. 1. Not all of store personnel are good at using the new computer system because they have been trained only one week. 2. Computer system don't offer receipt which is the most effective way to avoid clothes mistakenly gone. 3. Company policy require all reports should be in writing, which cause reporting process take too much time. 4. Customers will have to pay for special bags anytime they visit the laundry which cost $3. In addition, they still have to wait in-line and a counterperson is needed just like previous. External Analysis

The external analysis relates to the opportunities and threats to Presto. 1. Consumers' family, friends and colleagues will hear and then disseminate all about the Presto Cleaner way of doing business. 2. Other rivals, Kwik n' Klean in this case, would learn from Presto Cleaner's mistakes and make Presto's failure as their advantages. Internal Analysis

1. Even though Presto has installed the new system, the attitude of the personnel at Presto is not increasing customer satisfaction. They do not think about what are consumers need. The attitude of Mr.Hoffner seems like phlegmatic and arrogant. 2. Installing a computer system may help operations but it seems to have made procedures...
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