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A Job Search Dilemma
Eric, a second-semester senior, is looking for a job. Anxious about finding work in the worst economy in decades, he sends out scores of resumes for a wide variety of positions. The first call he gets is for a position that doesn't really interest him, but he figures he should be open to every opportunity. He schedules an interview, which he aces. In fact, the recruiter offers Eric the job on the spot. He would like Eric to start as soon as possible. Should Eric accept the offer? If he does, can he continue to pursue other jobs actively? Here are some resources that may help:

The Case of the Reference Request
By Jim Balassone
A former employee who was fired due to poor quality work, absences, and lateness related to her drinking problem, informs you that she has applied for a position at another company and has already given your name as a reference. She desperately needs a job (she is a single parent with three children), and she asks you to give her a good recommendation and not mention her drinking, which she assures you is now under control. She also asks you to say that she voluntarily left the company to address a family medical crisis, and that the company was pleased with her work. You like this person and believe she is a good worker when she is not drinking. You doubt that she really has overcome her drinking problem, however, and you would not recommend your own company hire her back.  What do you say to this woman?

 What do you say to an employer who calls you for a reference?  What if the prospective employer was a friend?
 Suppose the problem was a theft?
 Suppose she had asked you to be a reference prior to supplying your name to her prospective employer?  What values are at stake? Do some of the values conflict with one another?


Easy on the Wallet or Easy on the Earth:
A Case About Ethics in Sourcing
By Meghan Skarzynski
Fashionforward! is an online auction site where those who have more style than money can bid on designer apparel. The site registers members for $30, who are then allowed to bid on exceptional deals. In an effort to stand out from the crowded field of online bargain sites, Fashionforward! reached out to the local community in search of help marketing their company to college students. Part of this effort included hiring a student intern, Carly LeBlanc. At that point, Fashionforward! had no formal marketing strategy for targeting consumers. As someone who grew up in the digital age, LeBlanc knew she had to kick start the company on the Internet. Her marketing knowledge centered on the benefits of viral technologies, especially Facebook and Twitter. LeBlanc immediately revamped the Fashionforward! Facebook page to make it more user-friendly--adding quizzes, polls, discussion boards, and photo albums--as well as setting Twitter blasts to go off repeatedly throughout the day. During her three-month internship, LeBlanc quadrupled the Fashionforward! Facebook fan base. Her project helped catapult the company into prominence. In the three months of her internship, Fashionforward! increased the number of items offered on the site threefold. The CEO noticed LeBlanc's success in social networking and asked her to launch a guerrilla marketing campaign on her own campus to create buzz for Fashionforward! among her peers. The CEO challenged her to register 100 new clients within the week. A member of a sorority since her freshman year, LeBlanc decided to use her Greek connections. She appeared at four campus sororities that week. Promising a free Fashionforward! T-shirt with the sorority's name for every membership purchased, LeBlanc registered 300 new members in one night. Reporting to work the next day, LeBlanc was excited to share with the team the quick acceptance Fashionforward! had received on campus. She believed she had developed an easy and effective marketing strategy that could be...
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