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For each of these case studies; - Explain possible priorities and responses that should be made when dealing with these incidents (P4) Case study 1 –This case study is set in Sunny Side’ nursery and during a delivery the door was left open and an intruder entered the building without signing in and is unknown to the staff. The receptionist upon arriving back at her desk notices on CCTV that there is an intruder, she now has to assess what her priorities and responses to this incident must be. Upon receiving the information that an intruder has entered the nursery the first priority is to protect the children from harm; this is important as the children are vulnerable and are under the care of the nursery staff. The intruder is unknown to the nursery so the children are top priority; the receptionist needs to let the manager and all staff aware of the intruder so that they can take action to protect the children from potential harm. The next priority is to keep themselves safe from harm, this is important as the intruder could be dangerous. It is important to stay away from the intruder; they may be carrying a weapon. It is best to keep yourself safe by staying away and letting management and all staff know of the incident. The final priority in this instance is to keep all personal information safe. The information in which the nursery has about all its children needs to be kept confidential, it may be necessary to lock any areas where information can be accessed and to lock down all computer systems so that they cannot be accessed by the intruder. Responses in which need to be taken to keep everyone safe, especially the children are to firstly challenge the intruder from a distance. This could be asking ‘can I help you?’ this is the easiest way to distinguish whether they are meant to be on the premises. The next stage is to close the door in which the delivery person...
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