Case Study 1

Topics: Employment, Qualitative research, Case study Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: March 20, 2012
Fizza Mansoor
January 24, 2012
Chapter 1 - Case Study 1 and 2 Questions

Case Study 1

1. How does Accenture People site help Accenture better serve its customers? a. It helps in the sense that it makes the other people who are working in other countries to help with getting information easier. They are able to share information easily of different projects and are able to communicate directly rather than waiting. This will help consumers with their output and they will receive things on time or even early. 2. How successful do you think Accenture will be at getting its employees to create their profiles? b. I think Accenture will be very successful in getting their employees to create their profiles. This social network will be an easy use for all employees and will play a major role in communication between all the employees in all the different countries. 3. Can you see any drawbacks related to employees creating their own profiles? c. One drawback that I see with employees creating profiles is lack of time. They will spend a lot of time just like people spend on Facebook and that can take time away from doing important things. This can delay production and projects.

Case Study 2

1. How would you describe Professional Products’ growth strategy? a. I think that there strategy is very good. They hire enough people to get the job done and don’t have to deal with the hardship of laying people off. They work enough so they don’t overwork their employees. 2. Why would Professional Products’ commit to no layoffs in its expansion? Is this a positive move, or could it be detrimental to the company? b. Because if the company is expanding in other countries then there needs to be workers that can look after the work of those workers and make sure the work is being done right. It will not be detrimental to the company because if they layoff employees and they are loaded with more work then they will let go...
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