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Case Study Analysis (Case Study #2)

The Quiet Meeting



This case is about a sales supervisor, Debbie’s Ronson, having a group meeting with the sales department. The meeting was held to discuss two things, one last week’s performance, and two Debbie handed out a memo outlining a new format for scheduling their calls. At the end of the meeting Debbie discussed the meeting to one of her fellow supervisors, saying she gives them a chance to talk in the meetings but there is never a response. Debbie believes they are either shy or disinterested in her meetings. Statement of Problem

In this case Debbie, the sales supervisor, held a meeting for the four basic meeting purposes, give information, exchange information, find facts and solve problems (296-297) using the leader-controlled approach(p.297). During the first half of the meeting Debbie discussed last week’s performance. After discussing it she asked if there were any questions, no response. The second half of the meeting Debbie discussed the new schedule for calls, once again no response no ideas. The overall problem Debbie is having is the non-responsiveness from her sales department during meetings. Solution

There are a few ways as to how Debbie can fix this problem. One she can take a second and see if this meeting is actually necessary to have asking herself “why are we here?” and having a clear purpose which is also enabling other pre meeting plans to be developed to support the purpose of the meeting p301. Two Debbie could, clarify her expectations of the meeting (p304). At the beginning of the meeting Debbie can explain why this meeting was called for and that she is expecting to give information as well as hearing feedback from the group. 1. What might be some reasons for participants not saying much at Debbie’s meetings? Her department members could feel as though the meeting is pointless and would like to get back to their jobs, that to the...
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