Case Study Analysis on X-Philes Data Management Corporation

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Case Study
Case 1-4. X-Philes Data Management Corporation: RFP matters Question 1
We think that the future additional contract with another customer can cause an overload of workers who already have to work long hours and weekends completing Scully and Mulder projects. It can lead to decrease of quality of work and delays of projects completion, which in turn will be a reason of lost of the bonus and probable penalties in the work with Scully project. Question 2

The crisis facing Yrisket will significantly affect the both projects. Moreover we think that the effect on Mulder project will be greater because Yrisket managers primarily will try to complete Scully project as soon as possible and will monitor the quality of it more carefully in order to get bonuses at best or not to be penalized at worst. Case 1-5 .Proposal evaluation for Apollo Spacecraft

Question 1
The points in the “weighted total” column were determined by multiplication of the weight of characteristics by the rank of each contractor in these characteristics. 0.3*5.58+0.3*6.63+0.4*8.09=6.9

Question 2
North American rated third out of five contractors in the Weighted Total column, yet was awarded the contract. First of all that happened because of past successful experience of NA in developing high performance military and research aircraft. So, their technical qualification is the best among others, about 6.66, and it’s important characteristic. Even if their technical approach not the best, they can easily improve it through additional design effort, according to the board. The next reason for their award that they were recommended by the board, and North American is close associated with NACA (NASA’s predecessor agency), it means they are partners. So, our conclusion is that the past successful experience of North American in this sphere very important as the fact that work with firm’s partners, reliable partners, is more preferably.

) Critical path: "ABCGIJKL"
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